VIDROPORTO, 2 years later

2 years passed since Vidroporto started operation of the glass recycling plant installed in the Porto Ferreira, (SP), Brasil, premises. Up till today more than 200.000 tons of glass cullet has been processed to be feed into the furnaces.
The PICVISA solution apart from allowing a high quality flint glass separation also provided a 99% Uptime for a production line that runs 24/7.
“The quality of our product at the end of the line as well as the reduced line downtime and after sales service from PICVISA makes us proud of our choice” – Edson Rossi , president of Vidroporto - ”we started a new furnace in 2014 and the recycling line assures us the input material for the extra bottle production.
Luis Sousa, sales director of PICVISA adds – “one line like the one at Vidroporto, with more than 50 components, requires a good preventive maintenance to keep the high Uptime and high quality level, and the Vidroporto Technical team has fulfilled completely the requirements. We are very happy with this first Project in Brasil, more over with the customer".
Apart from Vidroporto, PICVISA is proud to have a second project in Brasil, Sao Paulo, with company Massfix allowing us to be a reference in this region for this industry.

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