"II Jornada de Innovación de l'Anoia" '16

Picvisa participated in the round table of the Second Conference on Innovation Anoia, attended by sixty companies this Wednesday July 6, at the Innovation Centre of Anoia.


The conference was titled "Anoia, a business to discover" and was organized by the City Hall of Vilanova del Camí, the Technological Center Leitat, Pimec, and Assotation Polígon de Les Planes.


Bernard Vidal, manager of Picvisa showed his vision of the world of innovation, focusing on the R & D is needed to advance and stay in the market and explained the company's experience in this field. Also took the opportunity to discuss how important it is to finance projects of innovation and mentioned the recent European grant received by the company, Horizon 2020, for the development of artificial vision solutions for extracting content in glass municipal solid waste and building a prototype plant.

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