Based in Calaf (Barcelona) PICVISA has a workplace with over 5,000 m2  divided into 3 main areas.

The first area concentrates the production of our equipment allowing the programming and adjustment, assuring a high quality level and providing the capability to prove and certify each unit prior to shipment.



The second area is fully focused on Research and Development.

This  approach allows a better study of new technologies, solutions and sorting methods away from disruptions.

Also here the user can find machine vision units for production tests, obtaining conclusive results for any type of material to be sorted by our customers.




The third area is our Engineering department where all our teams that work on the design, software, quality control, operations, after-sales, administration and commercial gather together to provide our customers with the best response.

PICVISA also has its premises in Barcelona where our project study and turnkey solutions team can welcome its customers and discuss their project needs.