PICVISA is an innovating technology company that provides industrial solutions based on image processing and machine vision to the national and international markets. 
We define, develop and produce selection and sorting equipment for recycling materials. Our machines can select and sort these materials by composition or by color and are based on our own image processing software that is specific for each application.
Our high-resolution machine vision systems, together with well-defined illumination systems, provide reliable and efficient solutions with high performance levels that overcome traditional equipment. 

Our mission is to provide the market with specific image processing solutions for material classification. At the same time, to detect our customers’ needs and to provide them with adapted solutions, giving them warranties of a productive, efficient and sustainable process. 
Our vision is to be a worldwide reference in complete solutions for sorting, recycling and adding value to residual contents. Also, in industrial quality control.

Our dedication into innovation aims for continuous product perfection, own software improvement and resource optimization to implement new applications in upcoming products. That is why, we count with a strong R&D&I technical group.