Artificial intelligence in business models

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Artificial intelligence is presented as a very powerful tool for the development of new business models or to enhance and streamline production processes.

Many companies choose to apply artificial intelligence to their production processes. Over the years it has ceased to be a futuristic expectation and has been taking center stage in the daily life of workers.

It is relevant to understand the different threats and opportunities that this feature brings to companies in each of the industries, in order to have a real advantage in the application of new business models that allow us to be more productive and, of course, competitive. in a market that goes hand in hand with digital transformation.


A classification to understand us

The original definition of the word, machines that emulate certain behaviors of the human mind, begins to fall short. But if it is curious to know the classification that is established so that the concept is more clarifying:

  • AI techniques: here a distinction is made between the different mathematical models and frameworks, such as Machine Learning or fuzzy logic.
  • AI applications: language, Computer Vision, planning … etc. We are talking about specific functions that can be performed using one or more previous techniques simultaneously.
  • Fields of application of AI: the different disciplines on which this artificial intelligence is applied: agriculture, medicine, transport …

At PICVISA we lead the market derived from optical separators to automate and optimize recycling plants, thanks to optical and intelligent robotics solutions aimed at all types of industries in the national and international sector.

Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision, combined with pneumatic separation techniques and robotics, are keys to this core race of automation characteristic of Industry 4.0.


A commitment to the future

The question we are asking now is not who is seriously betting on AI, but who is betting more seriously on the future.

According to this report from the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the ranking includes technology companies such as IMB, Microsoft, Samsung, Canon … as well as prominent sectors: transport, telecommunications, and health sciences. Out of  the 30 organizations with the highest registered activity, 26 are companies.

It is not surprising to find the USA and China in the ranking, followed by Japan, South Korea, and Germany (as the first European country to appear). Spain is in the 17th position and the trend is upward.


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