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We know that no process, no product, no facility is the same. That’s why we have developed our analysis and feasibility studies service to implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision solutions: BRAIN. We analyze your process, your product, your flow and your objectives to elaborate a custom-made study. And thus assess the viability of your project, not only technically but also from the point of view of return on investment (ROI).

BRAIN is the result of the knowledge and experience accumulated by Picvisa. After more than 20 years helping recycling plants to increase their productivity with Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence solutions, we created BRAIN solution. 

Our feasibility studies can help you transform your business. We operate in different industries: packaging, recycling, textile, food, automotive, or pharmaceutical.



We analyse your flow to obtain valuable information for decision making. The fastest way to turn your waste recovery facility into a 4.0 facility.

Ecoflow Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence for any industry

In 2020, BRAIN continues its evolution as a solutions’ dynamizer, and it is postulated as a service for any industry that requires recognition solutions and detailed analysis of objects and materials.  We offer to the industry our consulting service and feasibility studies. Therefore we use MV and AI technologies with the objective that our clients know in detail the particularities of their processes. This service will also allow our clients to decide if, as a result of the analysis, they are interested in improving their process by incorporating any of the products in our portfolio.


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In conclusion, BRAIN is the reflection of all the know-how and experience accumulated by PICVISA throughout 20 years of work in the fields of Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence within the recycling industry.


The time has come to take advantage of our expertise, extending the offer of solutions to other sectors and proposing process improvements in industries such as food, packaging or pharmaceuticals, among others. 

Test center

Test Center facility on industrial scale and under real operating conditions with the latest PICVISA sorting technologies. Available for all our stakeholders.


With our wide range of services, we make every effort to meet our customers’ expectations by offering an after-sales service based on proximity, quality and guarantee.


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