BRAIN by Picvisa

The deep learning solution Brain by PICVISA is a new complement for the ECOGLASS and ECOPACK optical sorters. The solution allows you to choose between 6 different applications, each one focused on solving a different problem.

Brain by PICVISA can be added to any sorter which has already been supplied by PICVISA and can also be included from the start to any new order.

Thanks to this solution, PICVISA can offer better yields and purities to its customers.

Brain Picvisa Reciclaje Materiales Deep Learning

Materials and applications

Sorting of recoverable material such as PET, HDPE bottles, tetra packs, cans, etc. of end-of-line treatment flows.

Separation of food trays from bottles of the same material, by their shape, color and texture.

Separates film (PE bags) from bottles of the same material, by its shape, color and texture.

Allows to separate the always-present silicone cartridges in HDPE flows.

In a mixed flow, selects those specific medicines you want to separate.

Allows the glass to be separated by colors.