UEA awards

"Although PICVISA systems already provide reliable and efficient solutions, as a technological company we are immersed in a process of constant innovation. In fact, corporate philosophy is based on this continuous and perpetual innovation, as demonstrated by the high percentage that is dedicated to innovation in relation to its sales. "

In PICVISA we are very proud and grateful to UEA for having awarded us the Innovation Award for our work as a company specialized in the development of artificial vision and robotics solutions in the recycling sector.

More than 400 businessmen, executives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the Anoia region attended the 19th UEA Business Night on June 20th. The UEA (Anoia Business Union) is an institution from the Catalan region home to our Group's headquarters.

Congratulations to the rest of the winners!

Premios UEA Anoia Innovación Residuos