The WISE project consists of the development and integration of a robotic sorter of plastic packaging waste in a material recovery facility (MRF). The project is led by CESPA, a company belonging to the FERROVIAL Group, specialised in the waste management of municipal solid waste (MSW). PICVISA develops a delta-type robot using artificial intelligence (AI) for the items recognition relying on machine-vision and using suction to lift up items off a conveyor belt, similar to how a human sorter would. The system also learns and improves its accuracy over time.

This technology is applied to the material recovery from two types of waste streams of the MRF: "rejects" and “recycling” streams. In the first case, the WISE solution aims to increase the recovery of plastic packaging and other recyclables from a stream of material to be sent to landfill or incineration. In the second case, the WISE solution is applied to increase the purity and quality control of the material streams to be recycled. This project seeks to implement an innovative technology that meets the needs of waste management in a framework of Circular Economy.

The WISE project receives a grant from the Nuclis programme (“Nuclis d'R+D empresarial”) of the Business Competitiveness Agency (ACCIÓ) of the Catalonian Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), with the support of the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC).

Esta tecnología se aplica en dos tipos de flujos de residuo: flujos “residuales” con destino vertedero con el fin de aumentar la recuperación de plásticos y otros materiales valorizables, y en el control de calidad de flujos con destino “reciclaje”, con el objetivo de aumentar la pureza de la fracción a reciclar. Este proyecto busca implementar una tecnología innovadora que atienda a las necesidades de gestión de residuos en un marco de Economía Circular.

El proyecto WISE percibe una subvención del programa Nuclis (Nuclis d’R+D empresarial) de la Agencia para la Competitividad de la Empresa (ACCIÓ), adscrita al Departamento de Empresa y Conocimiento de la Generalitat de Cataluña, con el apoyo del programa de ayudas de la Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña (ARC).

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