Chosen by Sorain Cecchini Tecno

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The Italian group Sorain Cecchini Tecno has chosen PICVISA technology for the recovery of glass in its urban solid waste treatment solutions.

The latest facilities made by Sorain Cecchini Tecno (SCT) for composting treatment within the MSW facilities have the added value of recovering particles from very fine glass fractions, giving the end user more recyclables and reducing landfill costs. .

“Projects carried out by PICVISA in this field reinforce our confidence in its technology for this new solution. Our MSW technology is now more complete, allowing more material recovery and work towards a sustainable future” – says Paolo de Pinto – technical director of SCT.

“Our investment in this technology in recent years has shown good results. The ECOGLASS optical separator is working optimally to recover a fraction of glass that would end up in landfills and allows the recycling process to be adequate” – says Luis Seguí – technical director of PICVISA.


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