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packaging recovery plant

The plant will use Picvisa optical sorters to process light packaging waste from part of the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

Last November saw the final stages of the construction of a new treatment plant for selectively collected light packaging waste in Trajouce, a municipality in the metropolitan area of Lisbon. The project was supported by POSEUR, a key programme within the framework of the Portugal 2020 agreement between the Portuguese government and the European Commission. The design and construction of the plant began in mid 2018, and the testing and characterisation stage is now underway. The new material recovery facility is located on the grounds of the Trajouce Ecopark.

The new plant will treat selectively collected waste and will enable a higher recovery rate for recyclable materials than the targets set out in the PERSU 2020 (Strategic MSW Plan): 80% for packaging and 95% for paper/board. The design selected for this plant features a high degree of automation, which will facilitate the high recyclables recovery rate in accordance with the defined targets.

The treatment process will operate in two shifts and will enable the achievement of EU targets and compliance with the European strategy for prevention, recycling and recovery of waste as a resource. In consequence, it will also contribute to the trend of minimising the use of landfills.

Ecopack optical sorters

The plant will be equipped with 3 PICVISA optical sorters from the ECOPACK range (an EP2500, an EP2500 Double Track and an EP2000 Double Track). It is envisaged that the optical sorters will process over 5t/h of packaging waste, with an efficiency of up to 95%. The plant is also expected to process 8t/h of paper/board. PET, HDPE, tetrabrik, mixed plastics, paper/board, plastic film, ferrous and non-ferrous packaging will all be sorted automatically. EPS, PET with oils, glass, wood, PE film and rigid plastics will be recovered manually. The greater efficiency of packaging waste sorting will give rise to an increase of around 16% in revenues from the sale of recyclable materials.

With this new plant, it is envisaged that the collection, recovery for reuse and recycling targets set out in the Tratolixo Strategic Municipal Waste Plan 2020 will be met. Tratolix is the company responsible for the management of the plant.

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