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Integral Waste Centre in Maresme


waste recovery center optical sorters

The line processes glass from MSW with PICVISA technology

The French company Veolia wanted to continue its commitment to excellence in the operation of the Maresme Integrated Waste Recovery Centre. 1.8 million to launch a new project to select, classify and recover the glass that was still present in the organic matter at the end of the organic matter treatment process. Until this moment, this glass fraction was lost and no profit was made from it.

In this way, the Consortium for the Treatment of Urban Solid Waste of El Maresme was also taking a step forward in providing an integrated solution for the management of urban solid waste (USW) in the region of El Maresme (Barcelona).

This new expansion is being carried out by PICVISA. And has been in operation since the end of September 2019 and allows 4,500 tons of glass to be recycled per year, which is equivalent to an annual energy saving of 3,200 MWh and avoids the emission of 2,600 tons of CO2.

Optical sorting

The new sorting and recovery line collects the glass from the bio-stabilization refining process and the extraction of heavy metals from the biomethanization pulpits (10t/h). With this new implementation, an increase in the annual recovery rate of 2.3% over the tons entering the plant is expected. The plant is made up of various screening equipments, a densimetric table, conveyor belts, suction of fines. Also a light material and optical glass separation, reaching recoveries of more than 75% and purities of more than 95%.

The key piece of the recovery line is the ECOGLASS optical sorter model SG1500F, which in this case classifies and separates automatically the different types of glass by colour (VIS). This particular model has a width of 1500 mm and is capable of separating materials between 10 and 60 mm. It also detects the content of lead, ferric and non-ferric metals in the glass.

This new line represents a new success of the collaboration between Calaf Constructora and PICVISA that has fulfilled all the requirements, specifications and timings. Besides allowing a greater recycling and a better management of the waste, our client has been able to see his profitability increased and the quality of his services. A success for all!

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