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loeches planta inteligencia artificial

PICVISA has supplied equipment from its ECOPICK robotic line and ECOGLASS optical sorters in the Loeches recycling facility.

The ECOPICK family, based on robotic solutions controlled by Artificial Intelligence, continues its progress in the waste sector. This project has the EK1.6 model located in the MSW planar line, where it performs the task of recovering recoverable packaging and paper/cardboard to prevent them from ending up in the plant rejection.

PICVISA thus maintains and reinforces its strategic commitment to the application of Artificial Intelligence to the recycling sector, becoming a pioneer in the application of this technology both through robotic solutions and in its different families of optical sorters. Artificial Intelligence has begun to be introduced in the recycling sector and its progress is presumed to be unstoppable, since it allows to solve typical problems of equipment that do not have this technology. PICVISA is thus positioned as a pioneer in this type of solutions combined with robotic ones, which will allow treatment plants to automate processes that until now have remained manual.

The ECOGLASS family of optical sorters for glass and others, expands its presence in MSW plants in Spain. In this project they arrived with the mission of recovering glass in the refining line of the composting plant. It has been supplied an EGF1000 model equipment whose task is the recovery of the glass in positive and an EGF600 model equipment for the purification of the glass recovered by the previous equipment. PICVISA thus reinforces its leadership in this application in which it has been a pioneer in its conception and continues to demonstrate its high performance.

The irruption of Industry 4.0, hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence, has transformed all business environments. It has done so with the emergence of machines capable of recognizing and dealing with a problem, understanding the situation and acting accordingly. Incorporating intelligent robots into a production process can be key to improving productivity and the quality of the final product. Although Artificial Intelligence requires an initial investment, its benefits include greater precision in tasks and the replacement of labor in tasks that are usually slow and tedious, so the return on investment periods make this a technology in high demand.

To take advantage of all this potential of robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision, PICVISA has launched the ROBOTICS by PICVISA business line. Its aim is to provide intelligent and customized robotic solutions to accompany companies to meet the new challenges of automation. Intelligent robots can:

  • Recognize the presence and orientation of an object and perform selection tasks.
  • Detect that something is wrong on the production line and stop the activity.
  • Identify improvements in the way a certain task is performed.
  • Collect data and analyze it to help make decisions for process improvement.
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