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New lab by PICVISA, always at the service of innovation and technology

by | Aug 30, 2021 | AI and machine vision | 0 comments

PICVISA has a new laboratory; a space dedicated to testing, where our specialized team works daily applying different types of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision, the perfect combination for waste management and recycling.

Machine Vision is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which aims to enable a machine to identify an object and classify it. Through the analysis and interpretation of the content, numerical or symbolic information is extracted. This information is processed by a computer and allows it to act correctly and efficiently in a given situation or process.

In order to improve our PICVISA equipment and make it as accurate and effective as possible, PICVISA has opened this new laboratory, so that we can continue to offer a service of constant innovation that meets the latest needs of the sector.

In addition to the new laboratory, in PICVISA we have our own testing plant (Test Center), located in Calaf (Barcelona); an industrial-scale testing laboratory of 800 m2, specialized in product testing for recycling and waste management.

This facility not only allows us to test our equipment when they are in the design and manufacturing process, but also offers the possibility to see live how our machines work with the customer’s own materials, and to evaluate their behavior and performance with respect to their separation and classification needs.


Innovation, one of the values of PICVISA

In PICVISA we have accumulated almost two decades of history in which we have advanced with the mission of developing sorting technologies that are the best solution for our customers in an environment of continuous change.

This is something we continue to do, firmly based on our corporate values: innovation, technology, sustainability and service orientation.

Always true to these values, PICVISA continues to innovate and grow with the integration of this new laboratory, where we have a solid technical team. The global effort and dedication of the entire company makes it possible to pursue the constant improvement of the product, the development of our own software and the optimization of resources to implement new applications in the next products.


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