We are the Positive Industry

At PICVISA, We are Positive Industry because we love what we do, we care for the team that helps us do it and, beyond being global companies, we act locally within the territories and societies with which we share prosperity.

As companies, we measure ourselves by the quality of what we make, but also by the social value we contribute.

We work to make the world we have today look more and more like the place where we want to live.

Positive Industry’s 5 principles are:
ANTICIPATE: Act strategically and proactively for the good of the ecosystem of which we are a part.
ADAPT: Adapt quickly and in the friendliest way to a changing environment.
COLLABORATE: Collaborate with companies, organisations and society when we can contribute to the collective good.
GLOCALISE: Understand that our actions transcend the world: think globally but also act locally.
FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY: Guarantee sustainability as the only way for the progress of the company, society and the planet.

Industria positiva