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What is Powered by PICVISA?

Powered by Picvisa is a service to develop customized Artificial Intelligence solutions that empower our clients’ business. These processes involve the ingestion and interpretation of visual inputs, from opportunity discovery to actual production and implementation.

Our service offers several benefits for customers, such as helping to reduce costs, speeding up processes, achieving better product traceability and easy monitoring of KPIS.

With this service we can cover all phases of a Machine Learning project. How do we do it? By understanding the business and the data we can elaborate a system that allows us to prepare the modeling that later will help to evaluate and implement the relevant solution.


Our purpose

The purpose of this service is not only to see, but also to process and provide useful results based on observation. Our intention is to perform tasks at a speed and with an accuracy that human eyes cannot perceive through image capture and analysis.

These customized solutions are applicable to any industry and have already been successfully deployed in areas such as textiles, pharmaceuticals and agri-food.

To achieve the above computer vision and computer science objectives, we train Machine Learning models to turn them into an “intelligent” vision system. To make the

learning models as accurate as possible, we get hold of large volumes of specific data to find the solution we are creating.


The Reverse Vending Machine

Today, with the increasing amount of waste generated and limited landfill space for disposal, recycling is one of the most important approaches to effectively manage waste.

Manual recycling consists of personally taking bulk waste to the recycling center. To reduce the process time, it’s suggested to carry out an automated recycling container that has a reward function deriving from the reverse vending machine concept. The RVM functions are a complement to increase material recovery rates, in addition to contributing to the reduction of waste to landfill.

The system would be implemented in a recycling garbage container that would be equipped with a microcontroller and sensors to identify user information. The machine would use artificial intelligence to reward users who want to recycle any type of material such as bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, etc.

Brands such as Adidas, Olyns or Cyklos have joined this initiative by creating smart garbage cans to help encourage people to recycle through rewards. Specifically, in PICVISA we are evaluating in depth the Cyklos project, promoted by Menumatic, which is a great opportunity to improve recycling processes. What does it consist of? It consists of offering rewards to citizens; promoting different brands; and building business loyalty.

Powered by PICVISA allows us to offer AI solutions for a more sustainable business. Visit our website to learn more about this service.


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