PICVISA responds to the needs of its customers by offering four sales methods

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To talk about PICVISA is to talk about Industry 4.0. Both its equipment – with the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision – and its services are the result – as well as a reflection – of the era in which we find ourselves.

The company continues to position itself as a solid player in the market thanks to its technological base and its commitment to innovation, something that can be seen not only in its catalog, but also in the options it offers for accessing it.


PICVISA’s sales methods

In a context in which flexibility and agility in the way of offering products and services as sales channels is becoming vital for companies, PICVISA is positioned as a strategic technological partner in the business of its customers.

Beyond being a punctual supplier, PICVISA proposes a constant accompaniment, with the commitment to keep the equipment updated, without technological obsolescence. And it offers all the possibilities to make this possible, offering up to four different purchase options that allow stable, long-lasting and trustworthy relationships: 

  • Standard purchase. Applicable to all products with a standard delivery time of 12 weeks.
  • Financing. Purchase with deferred payments in easy installments up to 36 months to facilitate investments in production line improvements. Also applicable to all products.
  • Rental with purchase option. Focused on ECOPICK and ECOFLOW equipment, with the aim of facilitating the implementation of new disruptive technologies in the sector. In this way, customers will be able to test their application and suitability and adapt the purchase decision to their time.
  • Service. The customer does not buy a product but contracts a service that provides online information on the production flow. Available for ECOFLOW. 


Commitment to ‘Everything-as-a-Service’.

PICVISA’s fourth sales modality referred to as “service” corresponds to the Everything-as-a-Service model. A model that offers an opportunity to strengthen the supplier-customer relationship and on which more and more companies are betting.

PICVISA offers this sales modality with its ECOFLOW flow analyzer. More than the equipment itself, the customer contracts a BRAIN by PICVISA data analysis and treatment service with which they can know in detail the particularities of their processes in order to improve their production processes and then decide if they are interested in improving them with any of the company’s products.

Regardless of the sales modality chosen by the customer, PICVISA assures the customer an advantageous financing with no down payment, including preventive and corrective maintenance, software updates, wear parts and spare parts. In addition, this financing model implies a reduction of cash flow suspension, being able to benefit from automation without the immediate impact on cash flow and proposes a monthly payment structure designed to avoid a high level of indebtedness while keeping the facilities optimized and updated with the latest technological advances.

The fundamental objective of this business incorporation is, in short, to achieve solid, lasting and trustworthy relationships with customers, based on a fully updated service and the guarantee of operating with the latest technology, with the possibility of maintenance and with upgrades and data processing included in all of them.

There are already many companies that have chosen to make PICVISA their technological partner, a beneficial union that has given them confidence and stability in their new business strategy, an essential step towards success.

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