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Showroom Test Center facility

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Fairs and events | 0 comments

Last Thursday, March 21st, a commercial event called the Showroom Test Center took place at the Test Center that brought together the main stakeholders of Picvisa and Calaf Industrial. Together we were able to share a day full of activities with clients, suppliers, partners and other companies and entities of great value to the companies. The event began at 10 am with welcome speeches by Míriam Pujol, CEO of Calaf Grup, Josep Maria Tost, Director of the Agència de Residus de Catalunya and Jordi Badia, Mayor of Calaf.

Rodrigo Verbal then gave a lecture on the different R&D&i projects in which we are immersed. He spoke about the PICVISA Plasticircle, I Pro Rec, Wise and Seeglass projects. He also talked about the projects LIFE PST SORT, R3born, Vidrebuig and Circkpack of Calaf Industrial.


Test Center visit

The central part of the event came with the visit of the Test Center and the start-up of ECOPICK. Attendees were able to follow a tour of the Test Center, where they learned about their process and could see our ECOGLASS, ECOPACK and, as we have already said, our ECOPICK robot.

Afterwards, Marta Grañó, an innovation consultant and professor at ESADE, gave a lecture entitled “Can you change the world?”. From this question, we made a journey through history to discover the true meaning of the word entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is not creating a company… it is an attitude towards life“. Through different dynamics, we saw how much of the success throughout our personal and professional life begins when we dare to value our differences and to walk towards what we really want, because that is what entrepreneurship really means.

Finally, there was a “mapping” videoprojection on the walls of the same Test Center. The day ended with a “Showcooking” lunch prepared by a high-quality local company.

¡It was a complete success!


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