PICVISA accumulates knowledge and experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision. Our leadership in the market of optical sorters to automate and optimize recycling facility derives, thanks to a strong commitment to innovation, in intelligent optical and robotic solutions aimed at all types of national and international industries.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision, combined with pneumatic separation techniques and robotics make PICVISA a key partner in the automation race characteristic of Industry 4.0.

Our products and solutions help to improve product quality, maximize performance and reduce labor costs.

Artificial intelligence machine vision sorting



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence brings together different technologies, from machine learning to natural language processing, that enable machines to perceive, understand, act and learn. By combining Artificial Intelligence with Machine Vision, we are able to give our systems a decision-making and reaction capacity that is unheard of in the industry.
Solutions such as ECOPACK or ECOGLASS and the robot ECOPICK, which combines Intelligence and Machine Vision with data analysis, IoT and automation, will help you transform your business.
If you are interested in boosting the intelligent automation of your plant, with solutions like BRAIN or with robots like Ecopick you will be able to scale your business effectively and with a short to medium term return on investment.


Machine Vision

Machine Vision -computer vision- is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of Machine Vision is to get a machine to understand and interpret a scene or identify an object. Through the analysis and interpretation of the content of an image or video, numerical or symbolic information is extracted so that it can be treated by a computer, and thus act as appropriate in a given situation or in an industrial process.

PICVISA is a leader in the application of Machine Vision solutions for the industry of waste recycling. Our robotic systems can make automated and intelligent decisions to classify waste, following the parameters with which the system has been programmed.

If you want to scale your business, discover the advantages offered by our Ecoglass and Ecopack optical sorters.

Our solutions

Artificial intelligence machine vision sorting