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PICVISA, technology with integral and personalized service

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At PICVISA we work with the vision of providing our clients with a level of service that meets their needs, responds to their expectations and provides effective and efficient solutions that drive the achievement of their objectives.

There is no need to reflect on the importance of efficient recycling. We have long been installed in the certainty that the sustainable economy will be circular or it will not be.

It’s not about promoting efficient recycling; it’s about maximizing recycling efficiency. It is about achieving one more percentage point of recovery in the separation and treatment processes, shortening the time in processing times and reducing the energy consumption of the facilities.

Aligned with this vision, at PICVISA we consider that the product is part of the service and not the other way around. Our products execute, in an excellent way, the tasks demanded by the needs of our customers, but it is our highly qualified technical team who listens, analyzes, puts into context, evaluates, recommends and, when the time comes, accompanies in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of our solutions.

We understand that this is the relationship model that builds trust and makes it possible for trust to be maintained and strengthened over time.

The personalized and close service, a totally tailored service, is the only level of service that we contemplate and, in addition, it is a service that begins to add value before a potential client formally becomes a client.


PICVISA Test Center, a real-scale and real-time Test Plant.

Our Test Center is the clear exponent of how we put our vision into practice.

Located in our headquarters in Calaf (Barcelona), the Test Center is a fully operational full-scale testing plant that answers a key question for our customers: How will the solutions that PICVISA develops process my waste?

The answer is an avant-garde installation in which we simulate, in a real environment, how waste is processed, coming from any sector (food and beverages, pharmaceutical, textile or construction, among others) and composed of different types of materials, applying the most efficient solution in each case.

We can summarize in three the differential factors that make our facility a strategic platform to test any waste treatment project: materials, processes and real results.


1. A Test Center with real materials.

We work exactly with the waste that our client needs to treat (plastic, metal, fabrics, glass, organic and compost waste, construction and demolition waste, etc.), and in turn, our opticians are able to detect different elements, such as elements with different pigments And we can do it in two ways.

The client can send us a quantity of their own waste (the volume necessary to carry out the test was previously agreed according to the typology of each case) and with that waste we feed the treatment plant; or you can tell us what is the standard composition of your waste and in PICVISA we make the sample with real materials according to that composition.

In this way, the simulation is carried out exactly with the type of waste that the client needs to treat, which allows to precisely adjust all the steps of the process, implement the most appropriate solutions and have an exact measurement of the final result. It’s the big difference between providing an estimate or being able to provide concrete recovery values and percentages.


2. A Test Center with real processes.

Today’s technology enables very sophisticated simulations that combine Big Data, IoT, AI and 3D visualization. However, 100% virtual simulations are artificial environments, which are always governed by optimal conditions and in which we can observe the ideal version of any industrial process. But reality is not always ideal and, of course, conditions do not remain unchanged over time or alien to environmental or any other conditions.

Our Test Center is a physical environment, a complete laboratory in which facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, managed and supervised by a qualified team of engineers and expert specialists, process real waste in completely real conditions.

Our facilities are fully automated, incorporate our artificial vision and sensor technologies, have mechanical treatment machinery and optical and magnetic separators.

Deploying real processes with real solutions makes it possible to evaluate and confirm the performance of equipment such as ECOPICK robotic units or ECOPACKECOSORT TEXTILECOGLASS optical separators . Because not all waste requires the same type of treatment nor do all solutions adapt to the same protocols and requirements.


3. A Test Center with real results.

Using real materials and developing real processes we get real results.

In the 800m2 occupied by the Test Center facilities we reproduce all the necessary processes to achieve the highest possible rate of separation and recovery of waste. It is a first-class engineering challenge that makes it possible to modulate processes, adjust them and define exactly the parameters that will be reproduced in the final installations.

If, in addition, we offer our customers that they can follow the treatment tests of their waste in real time, in situ or remotely from anywhere in the world, what our Test Center provides is a complete “real live” simulation experience that allows decisions to be made based on data not only on estimates, however reliable they may be. In addition, we offer the possibility of recording the entire test process on video, to then be able to present it to the team, the client or whoever is necessary.


Personalized customer service implies a personalized commitment to each customer.

Reducing the carbon footprint has long been a requirement for the industry, with waste management being one of the variables that the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge uses to calculate it. It is a challenge from everyone and for everyone.

In PICVISA we have this challenge very present, in the same way that our clients have it, and the only way to respond to it is with the maximum commitment and the best service.

Our Test Center is an important element of our services, as is the personalized Consulting that we provide through our BRAIN division, specialized in process analysis and feasibility studies.

From our Test Center, through the flow analyzer based on Artificial Intelligence ECOFLOW, our DATA+ plant digitization platform or our remote connection service for monitoring and checking fast link parameters, to our Corrective Maintenance service, we work closely with our customers from the first contact to the constant monitoring of operation and performance. of the installed solutions.

We size our service not as a variable that fluctuates according to the contracted solution, but as a constant that adapts to the evolution of the project. When an organization internalizes that service is commitment, any other approach is not conceivable.


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