The PICVISA Test Centre, a space available for product testing

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With the idea of always offering our customers the best possible service, at PICVISA, we have our own product testing plant in Calaf (Barcelona). This is an 800 m2 industrial-scale testing laboratory, specializing in product testing for recycling and waste management.

This facility not only enables our equipment to be tested during the design and manufacturing process, it also has the option of a live demonstration of how our machines work with our customers’ own materials, and to assess their behaviour and performance regarding separation and classification needs.

Recycling tests can be conducted on urban and industrial waste. Such as plastic waste, light packaging, glass waste, waste from end-of-life vehicles, paper and cardboard, and other municipal waste. It also enables testing with construction and demolition waste or industrial and incineration slag.

All tests are performed using the latest technology and under real operating conditions. The test plant is fully automated, featuring state-of-the-art technology in artificial vision and sensor technology with in-house equipment. The plant also has mechanical handling equipment with optical and magnetic separators.


Bespoke service

PICVISA’s professionals always support customers in the development, manufacture and implementation of both our optical separators and our intelligent robotics solutions.

We have a bespoke consultancy service, to gain a detailed understanding of the specific nature of customers’ production processes, with the goal of assessing the feasibility of a potential improvement project, from a technical and return-of-investment standpoint.

To guarantee a tailor-made, quality service, the PICVISA Test Centre is key. Thanks to this space, companies from different sectors (food, pharmaceutical, textile, plastics, metals, etc.) can test in situ how our machines operate, and conduct tests with their own materials, simulating the process in their industrial plants. Therefore, customers can assess how well the equipment meets their specific needs and, if they like what they see, make the necessary adjustments.

It should be noted that the production capacity of this installation is the same as existing waste treatment and recycling plants, facilitating the technical and economic validation of the results obtained.


Visit an operating ECOPICK unit

One of our ECOPICK® robot units is currently installed at the Test Centre. The most recent version is available for testing with new materials and applications. This robot, which taps into the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Vision, can recognise and classify a wide range of objects on a conveyor belt, replacing the usual tasks of a manual picker. Installation in recycling plants helps to improve product quality, maximise performance and reduce labour costs.

Thus far, companies from a wide range of sectors have seen the benefits of adding an intelligent robot to their industrial plants. One success story features our project for the Spanish company Biotran, which has deployed ECOPICK and tapped into Artificial intelligence to streamline classification and separation of its pharmaceutical waste.

At the PICVISA Test Centre, product tests can also be performed with the ECOPACK and ECOGLASS optical separators.

For further information about our robotic solutions, contact the PICVISA technical specialists.


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