Video: recycling MSU glass

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Optical Sorting | 0 comments

This year, the new after-composting-glass recovery line has been launched at the Waste Recovery Center of Marseme (Barcelona, Catalonia). It allows to select, classify and recycle the MSU glass that continues to be present in the organic matter at the end of the organic matter treatment process. This new classification and recovery line collects the glass from the biostabilization refining process and the heavy extraction of the biomethanization pulp. With this new implementation, the annual amount of recovered glass is expected to be 4,500 tons, with an increase in the recovery rate of 2% over the tons of input to the plant. The optic used is our Ecoglass SG1500F model.

In this video you can see the process that follows the glass from entering the facility dirty until it comes out ready to be sold.


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