What makes us stand out?

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Having a good product that meets market expectations is not a guarantee of success; it is equally important that it is accompanied by a close and personalized service in which the customer feels comfortable and satisfied. At PICVISA we are aware of this, so we have asked our customers what they value most of our company.

In the latest quality surveys of our customers, we note that one of the most valued strengths is the satisfaction with our technical service. At PICVISA we like to define ourselves as a company that cares about our customers, listens to their needs and provides solutions that adapt to them. We seek to humanize the interaction processes to achieve a solid and trusting relationship with our customers, both through technical service and customer service.



Our service and technical support department is called CARE, because we not only ensure that our customers’ equipment works at peak performance with the latest improvements and updates, but we also want to take care and ensure the efficiency of our equipment to offer the highest profitability.

We design continuous improvement processes, remote technical assistance and, above all, we provide our customers with a human team that listens and understands the customer’s needs and will be available whenever is required. Thanks to the improvement of these processes, the intervention time between PICVISA and the customers is optimized to the maximum.


After sales service

Thanks to our wide range of services we can put all our efforts to meet the expectations of our customers by offering an after-sales service based on proximity, quality and warranty. This service offers a continuous follow-up to our customers so that their equipment works at maximum performance with the latest updates and we can ensure their efficiency and profitability.

These are some of the customers who have already trusted us: FCC, Calcín Ibérico, Efacec, Verallia, Ferrovial Servicios, Onda, Vidrios San Miguel, Loeches, Hostalets de Pierola, UTE, Resinorte, Calcín Ibérico, TM Alcudia Reciclatges, Cogersa or Biotran.

In PICVISA we have a team that takes care of our customers, designing processes of continuous improvement and remote technical assistance because for us, taking care means being close.

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