What technological upgrades have been applied to the new ECOPICK 2.0?

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Advanced technology to master information. One of the upgrades offered by the new ECOPICK 2.0

With the recent presentation of the ECOPICK 2.0 automated manual triage robot, PICVISA is revolutionizing the recycling industry, positioning itself as an outstanding reference in the sector. The robot presents a series of improvements in its design, system and maintenance, but the most notorious upgrades that have been applied by the specialists of the robotics department of the company, are in its technological applications.


The use of technology to extract information

One of the company’s objectives with the evolution of the robot was to offer better data tracking to its customers. Therefore, special attention has been invested in working on the exploitation of the information produced by all the activity of the equipment, so that there is the option of offering the customer a complete exploration of the data mining of the equipment and the visualization of all the production parameters and extracted data: the operation of the machines and the continuous flow of the plant, among others.

In short, a technological incorporation that allows the company to offer its customers the possibility of exploring all the information recorded by the camera and customizing it with the help of the team of specialists in data analysis, a factor that contributes to greater effectiveness of the equipment thanks to the constant and exponential growth of the databases.


The robot, now smarter

ECOPICK 2.0, the second product of our Robotics business unit, is designed to increase efficiency and quality in waste sorting and triage in recycling plants. Its renewal is nothing more than the best version of the ECOPICK robot, with improvements and technological advances that make it smarter, making it a major competitor in the sector and the essential player in the transformation of the recycling industry.

What aspects have been improved within the robot’s technological system?

  • Identification of the different characteristics of materials as the human eye would, from technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision and Deep Learning.
  • Recognizes materials in the dirty and variable conditions of sorting centers, including the introduction of new packagings.
  • New applications offering technical facilities: Increased sensor effectiveness, touch screen, RGB, NIR, 3D, 5G for remote access, etc.
  • Permanent evolution of databases to adapt to market evolutions and specific customer needs.
  • Prioritizes the separation of the materials that are of most interest to the customer to maximize the return on investment.
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence software and data layer 100% PICVISA.

Control, monitoring and optimization via data mining

The perfect combination of Artificial Intelligence technologies, Artificial Vision and Predictive Analytics (data mining) is the strong point of the new version of the robot. Specifically, through predictive analytics or prediction based on data management and analysis, valuable information is extracted and made available to the customer to increase the productivity and profitability of the plant, a concept known as Business Intelligence, which gives us the opportunity to offer the customer the following advantages:

  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Flow monitoring.
  • Exhaustive control of energy consumption, costs and performance.
  • Possibility to plan intervals between maintenance services.
  • Supervision of process parameters.
  • Saving of time and resources.
  • Production optimization.

In addition, another of the recent changes that PICVISA has incorporated in its business offer, is the possibility of choosing between four different sales modalities according to convenience, in which the company positions itself as a strategic technological partner in the business of its customers, with the main intention of being much more than a punctual supplier, proposing a constant accompaniment to achieve successful results and stable, lasting and trustworthy relationships.

In short, the changes introduced in the new ECOPICK 2.0 make it not only more efficient and innovative, but also implement a series of added services, such as data extraction and management, which give it added value in a sector with a constantly evolving market. In this way, the company is moving ahead of its customers’ needs and taking another step towards the transformation of the recycling industry.

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