The WISE project consists of the development and integration of a robotic plastic waste sorter in a light packaging waste sorting plant (EELL). The project is led by CESPA, a company of the FERROVIAL group, a specialist in the management and collection of urban solid waste (MSW). PICVISA develops a robotic manipulator (“Delta” type) provided with artificial vision and a learning module. It allows to automate the tasks of selecting recoverable waste from a feeding belt. The automated recovery of materials is carried out by means of suction through a suction cup. The WISE solution integrates the experience and increases its precision over time, thanks to the deep learning module developed by PICVISA.

This technology of the robotic waste sorter is applied in two types of waste streams. On the one hand, “residual” flows destined for landfill, in order to increase the recovery of plastics and other recoverable materials. On the other hand, in the quality control of flows destined for “recycling”, with the aim of increasing the purity of the fraction to be recycled. This project seeks to implement an innovative technology that meets the needs of waste management within a framework of Circular Economy.

The WISE project receives a grant from the Nuclis (Nuclis d’R + D business) program of the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ). ACCIÓ is attached to the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat of Catalonia, with the support of the aid program of the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC).

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